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How To Write A Reverse Poem

Answer: As someone who wrote exactly one reverse poem (about suicide ‘cuz I'm Gen Z and I’m Edgy™) you need to know two things. 1. Understand that poems can be free verse. If you try to be Sophisticated™ you are gonna have a really hard time 2. SHORT SENTENCES! GET CREATIVE WITH WORD POSITIONING...

  • Poem Reversograph Instantly generate a "Reverse Poem" with the Poem Reversograph Machine. Insert your words into the form and the Poem Reversograph machine will reverse your poem, last word becomes first word, second to last word becomes second word, etc... Enter Text: Will you glimmer on the sea? Will you fling your spear-head On the shore?

  • The poem will often express opposite opinions depending on which way you read it so it can really make you think. 10. Show your students the second poem. Ask them to read it both ways. Ask them to share their feelings after having read it in both ways. 11. Tell your students that now they are going to watch a video with a reverse poem “My Generation”. Ask them to brainstorm what.

  • In case you didn't know, a reverse poem is a passage which can be read from top to bottom or bottom to top. Yes, really. The poem will often express opposite opinions depending on.

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